Going Sugar Free- Things I have learnt and Things I will carry on doing

So the month is up and I have successfully completed my month of going sugar-free for Cancer Research. I am so proud of myself as I honestly didn’t think I could do it. As well as resetting my taste buds which was my main aim I also lost 9 pounds which I am ecstatic about. I thought I would share a post with you and let you know which habits I am going to keep and what I have learnt. Grab yourself a cup of tea as this is going to be a long post. Continue reading “Going Sugar Free- Things I have learnt and Things I will carry on doing”

Going Sugar Free for Cancer Research- Week Three

The end is in sight only five more days to go!

Now I have a confession to make, in my last bog post I said that I wasn’t having any honey or sweeteners. However that Friday my post went up I lost my voice and developed a cough. My day job involves me answering the phone all day so I did buy some throat lozengers which had sweetener in them and drank honey and lemon to soothe my throat and get my voice back. To the people who have sponsored me I am sure that you will understand that my health comes first and I had to get better to do my job. Now that I have got that out-of-the-way I will let you know how I got on in week three with my new cook book.

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Going Sugar Free For Cancer Research- Week One

Hi guys, hope your all well. If you read my previous post (you can read it here) you will know that for the whole of February I have gone sugar-free for Cancer Research to raise money for this amazing charity and also to give me a kick-start in my healthy new lifestyle. I mentioned previously that this is a challenge for me as I have a sweet tooth and automatically want sweet food after my lunch or dinner ( this was never the case with Breakfast as I use to have something sweet). I have sucessfully completed my first week and thought I would let you know how I am getting on.

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Going Sugar Free for Cancer Research

What I hope to achieve

  • Raise money for charity
  • Reset my taste buds
  • End my sugar addiction
  • Loose some weight
  • Increase energy levels

If you having been following my blog for a while you may already know that last year for Lent I cut down on sugar in an aim to lose some weight (you can read my post here). However this year I have decided to cut out sugar for 28 days in aid of Cancer Research ( if you would like to take part in this please click here). As I am sure many of you are aware Cancer Research is an amazing charity and when my friend sent me the link knowing that I wanted to lose some weight and that I am addicted to sugar I thought this was the perfect challenge.

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Psychosomatic Pain and Anxiety- Why my back pain has gone

Hi guys if you read my new year post (if not you can read it here) you will notice I mentioned that my back pain has gone. Before I explain how and why it’s gone I will give you a back story (no pun intended) of when it all began and what I went through.

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2018- New year, Better Me

Hi Guys hope you are well.

This year rather than say I am going to be a new me, I have decided to make a better me and improve myself in the areas that I am unhappy with. So here is my goals for 2018 to make me an even better person than I was in 2017.

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Vegan night at Chai in Peterborough

Happy New Year Guys, I am back with another restaurant review, I was meant to put this up last year but completely forgot apologies for the delay. I will go through my goals for 2018 in my next post.

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know I am a big fan of Chai the desert restaurant in Peterborough ( you can read my original post here). I am a big fan of deserts full stop, I think I have finally visited all of the ones in Peterborough. Since writing my review I have been back plenty of times and I am always recommending it to my friends. However last year I went along for something a little different …

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Review- Turtle Bay Restaurant Peterborough

Hi Guys, sorry I haven’t put up a post in a while, I have had problems with my back and haven’t really done anything worth writing about. However I have managed to try the new Turtle Bay Restaurant on two separate occasions for friends’ birthdays’. Now as some of you will already know I am mixed-race, my Mum is from Jamaica and my Dad is from England. I have been to Jamaica 4 times and my Mum and Nan have cooked traditional Jamaican food for me. With this in my mind I kind of had high expectations going into this restaurant. Grab your self a dink ( how about a cocktail) as this is a long post.

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Cooking: My Love of Spices

If you have read my Meal Prepping post (read it here) you will know that I love cooking. I love to experiment with spices and try to create new flavours. In my kitchen I have a cupboard just to spices as well as a spinning spice rack on my work top.  My mum is originally from Jamaica and I have got my love from cooking from her. Where possible I always try and season my meat either the night before or at least a few hours before. I find this allows the flavours to really soak into the meat before cooking. Here is a list of some of the spices I use regular and what dishes/meat I use them for.

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