Chai- Not Your Average Coffee Shop

Chai is located in Peterborough UK near the city centre. At present they don’t have a website but all their details including their menu can be found on their Facebook page and they also have an Instagram account. On Chai’s Facebook, they describe their business as a coffee shop, ice-cream parlour and an art gallery which I think sums them up perfectly. I have been to Chai three times and I am constantly recommending it to my friends based on the service, atmosphere and of course the yummy food.One of the main reasons I like Chai is because of the friendly staff, as I have been a couple of times they remember my face and are happy to see me again.

Waffles and Ice- Cream

Every time I have visited Chai I have ordered waffles as they are in my opinion their speciality. These waffles are unlike any other waffles I have tried before they are so light and fluffy that I am able to eat all of the portion. The waffles are made to order and the smell coming from the kitchen is amazing. So far I have tried the Nutella Dream and Strawberry Shortcake, both were yummy and satisfying. All waffles are priced at £3.99 (correct as of date of publishing) which I think is great value for money considering the portion size. As you can see from the pictures the presentation is amazing which only adds to the experience. All waffles come with vanilla ice cream as standard but they do have a range of ice-creams and sorbets available which change regularly, previous flavours include pineapple sorbet, carrot cake and candy floss. If you’re struggling to pick the lovely guys at Chai allow you try the ice cream flavours before picking. I chose to have the pineapple sorbet after my waffle had digested (my first visit me and my friend were there for four hours catching up) which was light and refreshing.


To accompany my waffles I have tried the signature messy hot chocolate and their signature sticky chai latte. As the name suggests this hot chocolate is messy as the cream melts and starts to drip down the side so you have to be quick and get in those first few mouthfuls. I love the fact that they are served in mason jars as it allows you to see exactly what you’re drinking and in my opinion it keeps the drink hotter for longer.

Now I am a big fan of chai latte which I was first introduced to by a friend at Starbucks, since then I have tried tea bag versions, powder version and other coffee shop versions so I think I have a good understanding of what chai latte should taste like. For me this chai latte didn’t have enough spice in it and tasted mainly of milk, on the menu it stated that it had honey in it, but didn’t appear to be very sweet to me.

On my first visit after my waffle (as mentioned before I was there for a while) I chose the Apres Meal herbal tea from the extensive list of hot drinks that they offer, the herbal teas can also be brought allowing you to relive the experience at home. I found this tea refreshing after my meal, the staff kindly topped it up with hot water so I could enjoy a second cup.

As well as the food Chai has a great atmosphere with friends catching up and families enjoying quality time together. One thing you can’t help but notice is the quirky décor, including a superhero wall and tables made from recycled pallets, along with this amazing lion that is made from recycled magazines.


Chai is a small establishment, so to avoid disappointment I recommend booking on Friday night and the weekends.

There is still lots of delicious things for me to try, so I will be heading back shortly, keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram to see what I try next. #mychailife

Chai’s Facebook-

Disclaimer- This review is 100% my own opinion, I have not been sponsored by Chai or given any discount vouchers to use on my visits.


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