Review: Stick On Nails-I Love Nail Polish, But Sometimes I Fake It

As I mentioned in my first post for many years my passion has been nail polish, I own roughly around 150 bottles and get a buzz when I hear a new formula or effect has been released. Now I will never stop loving and buying nail polish, however for the past few months I have been applying stick on nails.

Originally I got some stick on nails from Avon to try for my holiday to Mexico as my mum who I was going with had mentioned that she would like some. So I said I would try them out to see how long they last and how easy they were to apply and whether they were worth the cost.I have to admit I was surprised by the results. Now I made the mistake of not checking what sizes I needed before starting so ended up with them not matching or being slightly too big. I have learnt my lesson and now always find the correct sizes and lay them out in front of me before I start. With the ones from Avon they are pre-glued, you just remove the thin plastic layer and apply, press down for 30 seconds and you are good to go.


I had these nails on for a week before I removed them, I think they could have lasted longer but I was moving house and caught one on a plastic box which caused it to bend up at the side. Apart from this I was able to carry out everyday tasks with no problem, as they are quite short they did not hinder me in any way. The only thing I did have difficulty with is popping tablets from strips as I could feel the nail lifting slightly as I tried to push the tablets out.As my experience had been successful I purchased some more for myself and recommended them to my mum for our holiday. My friend mentioned that Primark had some so I decided to give them a try. My mum purchased some from the brand Elegant Touch in Boots and some from Savers as she couldn’t decide what design she wanted.

Now the saying you get what you pay for is not always correct, but in the case of the Primark nails I have to agree when it comes to the glue. These nails came with a tube of glue to apply them and I think that the quality of glue was lacking. With these nails at least one a day would fall off, one day I walked into the sea and a wave came along and washed my nail away. The one thing I did love about these nails were the colour and the amount of detail of the butterflies as this is not something I would be able create at home, also I liked the length of these nails.


The first set my mum tried was from Elegant Touch, again these came with a tube of glue however I found that because these cost more the glue was a better quality. Now I have to be honest a few of my mums nails did fall off but I think this was more to do with the shape (they were almond shape) of the nail rather than the glue. As they were longer than the ones I had tried, it was easier for them to get caught on items of clothing.

My second set of nails (from Savers) on holiday I borrowed the same glue that my mum had used and not one of my nails came off in the second week, I actually had to pull them off on my last day as I was getting my nails done once I got home.


Hints and tips

Since my holiday I have tried a few more sets and have some tips to share with you:

  1. Always find all the sizes you need before you start applying. Some nails come pre-glued with no backing which makes it a bit harder to match them up I recommend holding them above your nails as close as you can without them touching your nails. With the more expensive nails they come with numbers on the tips which help you to find the matching pair.
  2. Always clean your nails with acetone nail polish before applying to remove any moisture or oils from your nails, I have found that this helps the glue stick better and the nails last longer.
  3. After applying try not to get your hands wet for at least an hour to allow the glue to set completely.
  4. When removing first try soaking your hands in hot water depending on how long you have had them on you may find you can easily pull them off, if not soak nails in acetone and the should then just peel off. Depending on the condition of the nails when removed you could re-use them.

My final opinion

I think these nails are perfect for holidays, special occasions or if you work in an industry which is low maintenance on your hands. They are a great way to create a professional look quickly or create a detailed design which may normally require time to do. These nails are also available in bare, which allow you to choose your own colour and design, with the added bonus of them not chipping. I plan to buy these shortly, I am hoping to paint them and create a design on them before applying them as I struggle to do detailed designs on my non-dominant hand. Keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram for pictures. Here a few other designs I have had in the past:

Disclaimer: All the opinions in this review are my own, all products where purchased with my own money.


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