My Experience At Afro Hair & Beauty Live 2016

As I have recently started trying to look after my hair this event came at the perfect time as it allowed me to pick up products for natural hair. I couldn’t believe how many different hair stalls there were all promoting natural hair. First of all I have to say that this is the first hair event that I have ever been to, so I have nothing to compare it to. From speaking to other people I understand that the event use to be bigger and was held at Alexander Palace. However the event was bigger and better than I expected it to be. As you can see from above, I came home with a great range of samples from some brands I have heard of and some I haven’t.

My favourite stall was ORS, this was due to getting 3 full-sized samples just for attending the event. Firstly I took a photo in front of their vending machine and uploaded it to Instagram with the caption: #tagorseurope. As soon as I had uploaded it, a small parcel from the vending machine dropped, inside it was a booklet and two samples.


I then completed the last page in the booklet which allowed me to redeem three samples. I joined the que and waited my turn, as you may know from my previous hair post I am currently using ORS Unleashed Curls, so was eager to try more from the range. The lady advised me that I could choose two products and that she would choose the third. I picked the ORS Unleashed Curls Hair Refresher and the Castor oil as mine was running low at home. The lady choose for me the sulphate free shampoo, which was actually perfect as I wanted to try a new shampoo and the one I received is not available in my local Boots.

I then proceeded to go round the other stalls, collecting as many samples as I could. I wanted to make the most of my day and get the opportunity to try different brands to find out what works for my hair. I then went to Design Essentials to meet ukafrolista, as soon as she saw me she came over and gave me and my friend a hug as if we were long-lost friends. We took our obligatory selfie and then discussed her outfit, she passed on some helpful clothes shopping tips which I am very grateful for.


At the Palmer’s stall I brought a new product which had just launched: Eventone Suncare Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30. With my purchase I received a free sample of Manuka Flower  deep conditioner, which I am looking forward to trying. I also picked up free samples of the Manuka Flower shampoo and conditioner from the desk, so I plan to try all three products together. Palmer’s also had a photo booth next to their stall with a table of quirky accessories that you could borrow for your photos. Unfortunately our photos did not come out perfectly, the lady suggested this could be due to us standing to near to the green screen or the fact it had been overused. Due to the length of the que we decided to just keep the photos that we got.

As well as the hair stalls as the title suggests there was also beauty brands, including Kiss a brand from the UK. I did look at getting some stick on nails, however they only had the longer length which if you have read my Stick on Nails post you will know I prefer the shorter ones as I think they look more natural. There was also clothes and accessory stalls, however these were mainly African print which did not appeal to me. It would have been nice to see some accessories and clothes that made reference to the Caribbean culture. Hopefully this will be something that will change in the future.


As well as all the amazing stalls, there was also a stage and a seating area. Over the course of the day there were fashion shows and demonstrations from the different brands at the event. I managed to catch a couple of the fashion shows, along with demonstrations from Taliah Wajid and Design Essentials. I think the shows were okay however there was not enough seating, after a while my feet would hurt from standing in the same place. Here are a few more pictures from the day …

After the event Soft’n’Free contacted me on Twitter and sent me some extra samples as I hadn’t received any from their stall, however on receiving them I have received some duplicates as I was unaware Creme of Nature is also part of the same company.


I can’t wait to try all my different samples, once I have tried them I will put up a review. If you have tried any of these products let me know your opinion.


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