Bio Sculpture- Gel Polish Review

I have heard a lot about gel polish and how long it lasts but I am not sure I am ready to give up on my standard nail polish. So over Christmas I decided to give gel nail polish a try as the last thing I wanted to be doing over Christmas was re-doing my nails as I am yet to find the perfect top coat to stop my nails chipping (let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations).

At the company I was working for at the time there was a lovely lady on the team next to me who did gel nails using the brand Bio Sculpture from her home in her spare time. For months I had admired my supervisors nails that were done by this lady every few weeks and surprised how long it lasted without a single chip. So as a Christmas present my boyfriend paid for me to have them done. I decided to stick to my favourite colour purple and add some silver to make them look festive.

Before I went to my appointment I had a look on Pintrest (I am on this most days looking for inspiration about anything) and sent a design through to the lady. She kindly created some tester nails so I could choose which design and colour combination I wanted. However once I arrived and saw her extensive collection of stamps I decided to have my original design on my ring finger and a Christmas wording on my thumb. I have previously tried to do stamping, but haven’t managed to get professional results. However this lady has years of practise, I couldn’t believe how easily she did it and how clear the design was.


I had this gel polish on my nails for 4 weeks in total, without a single chip. The only reason I took it off was because of how much nail growth I had. Initially once my nails started to grow (and boy did they grow quick) I used glitter to cover up the nail growth which fitted with the festive look perfectly. After Christmas I painted over the gel with blue polish so I could keep them for New years. I noticed with the gel polish on, my normal polish went on so nice and didn’t chip at all. I am so impressed at how the polish did not even chip in the slightest and how quickly my nails grew they even felt stronger (this is one of the claims of this particular brand that it can improve the health of your own nails).

The only problem had been when it came to removing the gel polish, the lady recommended buffing the top coat off and then soaking the nails in acetone. Now personally I don’t think I buffed off the top coat enough so even after soaking my nails the polish was not coming off on certain nails. I became slightly impatient and used my buffing block to buff all the colour off, which I now regret as I ruined my own nails and had to cut them losing all that lovely length.

My overall opinion of gel nail polish is positive even though I had trouble removing it. I have only had my nails done professionally once but have recommended it to friends. As I have a lot of nail polishes of my own and enjoy taking time out of my day to do them, gel polish is not something I would use regularly. However it is something I would have again when going on a two-week holiday, so I don’t have to worry about my nails chipping.

Also a little note about Bio Sculpture this is not available to buy from the shops or online unlike some gel polished now available. To use Bio Sculpture you need to complete a course, the brand had a very good reputation which they preserve by offering full training. I was lucky to have someone at my workplace who had taken the course, but I am sure you can search online to find your nearest salon.


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