My Mixed Race Hair Journey Update- Trying New Products

If you have read my previous post about my hair journey so far, you will know that when I was younger I wanted straight hair, so that I could be like all my friends. However over the past couple of years I have realised that I should embrace what I have got and learn to love my curls. My biggest battle is trying to find products that work for my hair due to my mixed genes. My mother is from Jamaica and my father is from England. My hair has always been fine, but due to straightening my hair in my early 20’s it has got thinner due to breakage.

As some of you will know I attended the Afro Hair and Beauty live 2016 show in London, where I received some samples as well as buying a couple of products. I will first talk about the products I got free from ORS; Curls Unleashed Green Tea & Cucumber Curl Refresher, Shealicious Cleansing Balm Sulfate-Free Hydrating Shampoo and Hair And Scalp Wellness Castor Oil.

Curls Unleashed Green Tea & Cucumber Curl Refresher


I am going to start with my favourite product which I have been using every day since I got it. Whilst at the event I went to the bathroom and tried this product out as I felt my hair was looking a tad frizzy due to the weather and my hair being so thin (the slightest bit of wind and my hair goes all over the place). After just a couple of sprays my friend commented on how soft my hair felt and my curls were more defined, that was all I needed to hear to get me hooked. Although I wear a wig in the day, at night-time I take out my two plaits and do my normal L.O.C (Leave in, Oil and Creme) routine, I try to do this every other night as my hair seems to be more moisturized which I will get on to later. Previously I was using ORS Curls Unleashed Shea Butter & Mango Leave-in Conditioner however this has taken second place to this hair refresher. Apart from the way it makes my hair feel the one of the reasons I like this product is due to the fact that’s it’s in a spray bottle, as I found out on the day I got it, it’s so easy to spray my hair and as the name says refresh my curls. I also like the fact that I am able to lock the product, making it easy to transport without having to worry about it leaking. Since using this product (past five weeks) I have noticed that my hair is a lot softer and easier to detangle.

 Shealicious Cleansing Balm Sulfate-Free Hydrating Shampoo


Now I have to be honest I have only used the Shealicious Cleansing Balm Sulfate-Free Hydrating Shampoo  once so far, however I love it already. When I went to the ORS stand the lady advised that I could choose two products and that she would choose the final product. I am so glad that the lady chose this product for me as I needed a new shampoo as mine had just run out. As this is sulfate-free it does not lather like normal shampoo’s but I am use to this as I have used them previously. Unlike other shampoo’s which have left my hair feeling squeaky clean, this left my hair feeling soft and moisturized. This is definitely a product that i will be continuing to use in my regular routine ( I normally wash my hair once a week).

Hair And Scalp Wellness Castor Oil


I chose this product to help with the thinness of my hair, as it is well-known that castor oil is very good for helping re-growth and thickening the hair. I have previously used Jamaican castor oil, but not regularly. I have been using this castor oil from ORS everyday on just my edges, as I have only been using this for a few weeks I am yet to notice a difference. I have checked the ingredients and can see that it is mixed with other ingredients so I am unsure how effective it will be compared to pure castor oil. However I am going to carry on using this product and will let you know how I get on.

100% Pure Argan Oil


Whilst at the Afro Hair and Beauty event I made a last-minute purchase of a bottle of 100% Pure Argan Oil. Originally I was just going to purchase some beard oil for my boyfirend, however the lady did me a deal and with a little persuasion from my friend I purchased a bottle for myself. A friend years ago told me that Argan oil was good for helping to retain moisture which is one of my biggest problems. My hair would look lovely in the morning and my curls would be nicely defined however by the end of the day it would be dry and frizzy. Based on my friends recommendation I picked up a bottle in my local TK Max by chance, as this is not something you can easy purchase in my local town. However I did not notice much difference when I used this product, so didn’t re-purchase. Since getting the 100% pure version I have checked the ingredients of my previous bottle and like the ORS castor oil it has other ingredients in it. Now that I have the 100% pure version I can tell the difference with my hair, due to using this product I don’t need to take my hair out of my two plaits every day and moisturize my hair. Since using the 100% Pure Argan Oil when I take my hair out of plaits it feels a lot softer and moisturized than it did when I was using my combination of olive oil, castor oil and my unpure Argan Oil.

For now I think these products are going to be part of my regular routine. I will give you an update in a few months on my hair’s progress. If you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments.


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