Review: Handmade Burger Co Peterborough

I am back with another restaurant review, this time its Handmade Burger Co in Peterborough. As with my previous restaurant reviews I have visited the establishment many times and feel I can give an honest and well-rounded review.


Firstly I have to talk about the amazing food, which is the main reason I keep going back to Handmade Burger Co. Everything is freshly made, which allows you to omit items or add items to your orders (you can even see them cooking in the kitchen). They have over 40 burgers to choose from along with a range of sides. Unlike other restaurants the burgers come on their own and you order the chips separately, however the portion of chips is adequate for 2 people to share. I have tried quite a few burgers, but my favorite is the simple beef, cheese and bacon. Handmade Burger Co also offer a gluten-free option or you can request to have your burger bun less (you are then asked whether you would prefer salad or coleslaw). They have a range of fresh chips, you can either have them plain or with a seasoning, I personally prefer the plain. Below is a couple of pictures from a recent visit to Handmade Burger Co, my boyfriend ordered the dirty burger with fried onions and I ordered the beef burger with cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce.




The other main reason I keep returning to the Handmade Burger Co in Peterborough is because of the staff. In particular the manager, Danni who does a great job of managing her staff as well as serving customers. I don’t think I have ever seen a restaurant manager so active and involved as Danni. On your first visit the staff take the time to take you through the menu and give you their recommendations. On arrival they ask if you have been before, if you reply with yes they leave you to pick your items and then order them at the bar. At the Peterborough branch of Handmade Burger Co they operate a peg system in which once a member of staff have asked how your meal is they take away the peg so that you are not disturbed again, but it also lets the staff know who hasn’t been asked. I am not sure if this is done at the other branches, but I think it’s a great idea. It ensures you get to give your feedback but are not asked more than once.


Loyalty Scheme and Offers

As you can see there is not just one reason why I love Handmade Burger Co in Peterborough. Another reason being their loyalty card scheme, in which you get a stamp every time you visits, depending how many you have you can either get a free drink, a free side or a burger. They also run offers through out the year via their newsletters or they give vouchers when you pay your bill. In the past I have received a voucher for a burger for £1 when a full price burger is purchased. They also run competitions on Facebook and Twitter through out the year with the opportunity to win variety meals. I am not ashamed to say that I actually went to Handmade Burger Co on Valentines day as they were running a special set meal that my boyfriend kindly paid for.


The reasons just keep coming. Handmade Burger Co in Peterborough is in what use to be The Old Still pub and still has this as part of it name. The restaurant is situated across two levels, as well as an outside sitting area which is lovely in summer. As mentioned previously you can see the kitchen staff busily cooking the orders, also as you walk past you can see through the window the burgers being freshly prepared. The restaurant has a shabby chic/ old punk look which I really like and adds to the experience. Check out the cool light fittings …



Final Thoughts

As you can see there are many reason why I love Handmade Burger Co in Peterborough and I will keep going back for their yummy food and great staff. I am yet to try any other branches, but I am more inclined to due to the great service I have received. Keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram for more yummy pictures. As I write my posts a few days in an advance I have actually already been back, here is another picture this time its the chicken and chorizo burger.


Disclaimer- This review is 100% my own opinion, I have not been sponsored by Handmade Burger Co or given any discount vouchers to use on my visits. However since writting this review, Handmade Burger Co did send me a voucher to say thank you for my review.


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