My Fitness Journey- Joining the Gym

Hi Guys, I am back with another update on my fitness journey. If you have read my previous post (You can read it here) you will know that I am off to Florida soon and wanted to get in shape ready for all the walking and also loose a few pounds to fit into my holiday clothes. In my previous post I talked about starting Lean in 15, after a week I did the one thing Joe Wicks says not to do and weighed myself. I had put on weight and then lost motivation to continue with the Lean in 15 approach. Instead I choose to make some of the meals from the book and join the gym. I really struggled with the HIIT work outs, only being able to do about ten mins.


I have now joined The Vivacity Gym in Peterborough with a swimming pool and around a 100 classes a week. With the membership I have chosen I also get access to six other gyms, meaning even more classes and a change of locations. With my membership I also get a three stage induction which includes planning a complete work out for me and then a review after 4-6 weeks. Being able to speak to an instructor and explain my difficulties in the past means I now have a routine which is challenging but manageable.


Rather than having set times on each cardio machine I have been given distance targets for example for the treadmill my instructor has set me the challenge of running a mile, as I get fitter it will take me less time to do as I get faster. Having a distance target actually suits me better as it stops me clock watching and I know the faster I run the quick it will be over which makes me work harder. The second part of my induction will involve adding weights to my routine, this is something I didn’t really do before when I use to go to the gym. This was mainly because I didn’t know what I was doing, I am looking forward to getting expert advice to help me achieve my fitness goals.


As mentioned there is around a 100 classes, which I am taking advantage of. So far I have been to 2 Zumba classes which I have really enjoyed. I have done Zumba before at home so knew that I would enjoy this class. I plan to try out a range of classes and find out which ones I prefer. Because I enjoy Zumba I can easily find the motivation to go. I have also booked to do Body Jam which is a dance alternative, I am looking forward to this as I love to dance. My friend also has membership to the same gym and goes to a spinning class on Wednesday morning, which I am going to attempt to get up for. I think doing classes in the morning is a good idea as it means you have your evenings to yourself, also you can go to work feeling smug knowing you have done your exercise for the day.


As well as taking classes I have also been using the swimming pool to try and improve my fitness, at the moment I am only able to do two consecutive laps. At the moment after two laps, I can barely breathe and my heart rate goes sky-high at this point I normally get out and go and relax in the sauna until my heart beat has dropped back down. I then go back into the pool and do another two laps. I am going to carry on swimming, each time pushing myself to go a bit further. There is a swimming pool at the Villa I am staying at in Florida, my plan is to do a few laps every day to burn off some of the calories I have consumed as well as keep up my fitness.

Fitness Plan

I plan to go to the gym about 3 to 4 times a week, sometimes just doing a class other times following the workout set by my instructor. The thing I like most about this gym is the variety of classes and the different times that they are on so I have no excuse not to go. I will keep you guys updated on my progress, I may even put up a picture of my progress if I see any change in my body.


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