Florida 2016- Part One- Disney Parks

As some of you may already know I recently took a magical trip to Orlando Florida. As I did so many different things and have so much to tell you I am going to split my holiday into categories and make this a little series. As I am writing this in my head I am already planning my next trip to re-live some of the great moments I had as well as discover more of Florida. The main reason I went to Florida was for Disney so that is what I am going to start with. Get comfy this is going to be a long post, however I have broken it down so feel free to jump to the parts that interest you. Although in my opinion it’s all interesting and worth reading.

Just to get you up to speed I went to Florida for the first time at end of September 2016 for two weeks with my boyfriend and his family. In total there were six adults and no children. Myself and my boyfriend’s sister are big Disney fans where as my boyfriend was looking forward to Universal Studios.

Magic Kingdom- First Day

We arrived on the Saturday but didn’t go to Magic Kingdom until the Monday. I remember sitting in the back of the car as we are driving up waiting to see the famous Disney sign. Now unfortunately I didn’t get a very good picture the first day we went as I was sitting right at the back of our 7-seater hired vehicle. As we started to walk up to the monorail, I was so excited I couldn’t believe that I was finally at Disney World, I nearly shed a tear ( you will get use to me and my emotions). Unfortunately due to the rain our day got cut short but here is a list and some pictures of what I did the first day I visited Magic Kingdom.

List of things we did on our first day:

  • Took selfies in front of the castle
  • Visited the shops
  • Eat a Mickey Ice-cream
  • Watched the Move it Shake it parade

Hollywood Studio

 The next Disney park we visited was Hollywood studios. I had done a lot of research on Magic Kingdom so didn’t know what to expect from Hollywood Studios. The best thing that I got from Hollywood Studios was my ears, (you will see from the above picture that I am wearing a pair, which I brought a pair with me) when we were at Magic Kingdom I saw a few pairs I liked but none that I loved. As soon as I saw this pair (picture below) I knew they were the ones, I love purple and my friend once called me Purple Princess so these ears were fitting. When I met the princesses they all commented on my lovely ears and my little crown. We got caught in the rain again at Hollywood Studios (this became a pattern on our holiday) but we waited it out this time and carried on with our day. As we were walking along we spotted Buzz and Woody doing photos, so I and my boyfriend joined the que. This was the first time I had experienced waiting in line to met a character, luckily this meet and greet was indoors so we had air-con. It seemed to take forever to get to the front, which I later found out was due to a Make a Wish family having their photos done, which made me feel better knowing there was a good reason why I had to wait. Now I am pretty sure if I asked my boyfriend’s sister what her favourite part of the day was she would say meeting Olaf as she loves Frozen. I am glad I qued up with her as I got to see her get excited like a little child the closer we got ( she is 32 by the way but you are never too old for Disney). I did give Olaf a hug and get his autograph which turned out to be a snowman’s face which I thought was cute.

Make a Wish

We came across a few Make a Wish families whilst waiting to meet characters, I think it is lovely that they get an opportunity to meet their favourite characters. Most of the time the Disney staff asked if you minded if they went in front of you, which of course I didn’t, one boy nearly made me cry it was so lovely to watch. Depending on how far back you are in the que you can’t always see the family and can seem like you are waiting for ages, it would be nice if the staff came down the line and just informed everyone what was causing the delay, I am sure like us most people would not mind.

Animal Kingdom

Now I mentioned that I went to Florida with my boyfriends family who had actually been to Disney 2 years ago. They said that they weren’t too fussed about Animal Kingdom and suggested that just me and my boyfriend went on our own. I have to disagree with my boyfriends family, I think that Animal Kingdom is my favourite park after Magic Kingdom. I loved seeing all the animals and feeling like I was in different countries. My favourite part of Animal Kingdom was the The Festival of the Lion King, I have seen Lion King the musical in London which I think is amazing but there was something about this show being in a Disney Park that made it so magical. I am going to be real with you I was so happy and enjoyed it so much I nearly cried at the end (you will get to learn that I am quite an emotional person). We also really enjoyed the 3D Bugs Life show, although not many of the kids did. We saw quite a few 3D shows through out the holiday but I think this one was one of my favourites I would say it was actually a 4D show there was special effects including being poked in the back by the chair which gave me a bit of a fright.  Now I met a few characters at Animal Kingdom, the My Disney app was a great help in finding them all but my favourite characters were Baloo and King Loui. As you can see I actually had on my Jungle Book T-shirt that day which they spotted, King Loui wasn’t too impressed that he wasn’t on it. Although the characters don’t speak you know exactly what they mean by their hand actions, they were so funny. I also loved the fact that they interacted with the people waiting in line while the next family came up for the photos. As this was outside you could see them way before you actually got your picture taken which added to the excitement.  One character I was surprised to see and also happy about was Flik from a Bugs Life, we literally nearly walked past her as I had my head in my phone trying to find her. I loved a Bugs Life when I was little, but it’s not one that you hear much about.

I have so much more to tell you about Disney and the rest of my amazing holiday, so please come back soon to hear about the rest of my adventure. If you have any tips for my next trip please leave them in the comments below.


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