Kasapa’s- Just another dessert restaurant in Peterborough?

If you live in Peterborough or near by you will be fully aware by now that dessert restaurants have been popping up in every corner (last time I counted there was six) and if you have read my blog before you will know that I love Chai (you can read the post here) so had high expectations for Kaspa’s.

Kaspa’s is a franchise and has many branches across the UK. From pictures I have seen on twitter it appears they have all the same look and colour scheme. Where as Chai is an independent Café and has a unique style which includes art work on the walls. Kaspa’s has the feel of an American dinner, with bright colours, spot light mirrors and leather booths.

I have visited Kaspa’s twice, however the first time I forgot to take any pictures ( bad blogger I know) but we intended to sit in and get a dessert however it was so busy we just got an ice-cream (taking advantage of the 20% off that weekend) and ate it on the way back to the car. I choose mint choc chip and a fudge ice-cream, now mint choc chip is my favourite ice-cream flavour and although it was nice I have tasted better. That being said the fudge ice- cream was delicious, the two flavours didn’t really go together but I didn’t care.

On my second visit to Kaspa’s I went on a Thursday night after work with a friend and it was a lot less busy and we got a table easily. Due to it being quiet the service was very quick, we ordered at the till and then not long after our drinks were brought over and our desserts followed about 10 minutes later. I went for the caramel shortcake waffle and vanilla chai tea (so I could compare with Chai as this is normally what I get). As you can see from the picture the size of the waffle is of a reasonable size making it good value for money, the waffle was light and very tasty. In comparison Chai’s waffles are slightly lighter and fluffier however I would highly recommend the waffles at Kaspa’s especially if you haven’t tried Chai as I am sure you would be very impressed. Due to the portion size I was so full, I barely had any dinner when I got home and my friend said she didn’t even have dinner.

As mentioned I also ordered a vanilla chai latte, which I was disappointed with. It tasted like hot milk with a slight flavour, like I have said before I am a big fan of Chai latte; so far my favourite is still Starbucks. Next time I think I will try one of Kaspa’s milkshakes from their extensive range of chocolate bar milkshakes.

In comparison to the other desert restaurants I think Kaspa’s is reasonably price and the desserts are of a good quality. I will be sure to be pop in again soon to try out their other delights. Their menu can be found online here.

I recently tried out Creams, one of the other dessert restaurants. Review to follow shortly.

Disclaimer- This review is 100% my own opinion, I have not been sponsored by Kaspa’s or given any discount vouchers to use on my visits.


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