Florida 2016-Part Three- Everything else Disney

Hi guys, I am back with another holiday post (I did warn you I had a lot to tell you) this post is about my other Disney experiences whilst in Florida…

Chef Mickey

As well as meeting characters at the Disney Parks you can also book character breakfasts, as a treat my boyfriends sister paid for us all to be picked up in a limo and taken to have breakfast through Dolphin Tours. The limo wasn’t guaranteed but right on time a beautiful limo arrived outside our villa, we were then told that we were going to the Contemporary Resort,  and that we would be meeting potentially Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald and Goofy. We arrived at the hotel and taken up to the restaurant by the tour guide, as we walked up I could already see some of the characters and reverted back to being a kid, all excited and giddy.  We were told that the characters would come to each table, sign autograph books and pose for pictures. If you read my post before I went ( you can read it here) you will know that I had my own personalised autograph book, I am so happy that the first two autographs I got were Mickey’s and Minnie’s. The characters were great, Minnie actually turned up when there was only two of us at the table but she noticed another autograph book on the table and signed that as well. Minnie then popped back for more pictures once the rest of my party were back at the table. I can not recommend this experience enough, the fact that there is no queuing up to meet the characters and that you get to see them more than once is great. The limo driver we had from Dolphin Tours was lovely, he told us interesting facts as we drove to the resort.

Disney Springs

After getting dropped back at the villa by the limo, we decided to head to Disney Springs to do some shopping. My favourite purchase from Disney Springs is my personalised phone case, as you will notice my name is not spelt the conventional way so it’s hard to get things with my name on it. I loved the technology behind getting this case, I went up to a touch screen and got to choose exactly what design I wanted, there was no deliberating for me Belle from Beauty and The Beast is my favourite princess and then I got to choose what text I wanted on my case. Another purchase from Disney Springs is my purse; this became an everyday item for me for the rest of the trip. The purse came with a little strap which meant I could have it on my wrist; it was also big enough to hold my phone which meant I didn’t miss a photo opportunity. I also kept my Supercard (more on that in another post) and my quarter and pennies ready for any pressed penny machine I saw. I will do a separate post on all the other souvenirs I got on my trip.

We also visited the coca cola shop in which me and my partner tried 12 different sodas from around the world, they came on two trays and had a number under each glass which corresponded with the leaflet. I got my boyfriends sister to record us drinking the second tray, our faces our quiet amusing when we try the soda from Italy (it was so bitter). Maybe one day I will post the video to YouTube, I wish now we had recorded the whole thing.

My next few posts will include everything that was not Disney (however Disney will appear in my souvenirs post) related including food, Universal Studios, shopping and more. So please come back to find out about the rest of my adventure.


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