Creams-Just like any other dessert restaurant in Peterborough?

In the name of research I have been to another dessert restaurant. I have already reviewed Chai (which you can read here) and Kaspas (which you can read here), so I feel like I have plenty of dessert knowledge.

Like Kaspa’s, Creams is a chain restaurant with other branches across the UK. This restaurant had a similar look to Kaspas, with the spotlight mirrors, booths and bright colours. However this restaurant is a lot bigger in size as well as their bigger selection of ice=creams, I believe they have 37 different flavours. Unlike any of the other dessert restaurants Creams also has a photo booth which I think is a nice touch especially for social media fans. I intended to use the photo booth after I had eaten but I was so stuffed I just walked straight out and forgot.


We were shown to our seats by a very pleasant gentleman who asked us if we had been before, we advised no and he explained that we just need to go to the counter to place our order and that we would also find our cutlery at the counter. The waiter also asked us if we had a big appetite as their portions were big, we laughed and said yes we did as we had eaten only a small dinner. That being said I ordered a simple pancake with lemon on it, an extra scoop of ice-cream ( I choose strawberry) and a Aero Mint milkshake. My boyfriend ordered a pancake wrapped around a banana, an extra scoop of ice-cream ( he chose Snickers) and a Chocolate Freak Shake.


To begin with both of our desserts arrived which we tucked straight into, however I did wonder where our milkshakes had got to. About ten mins later my milkshake arrived but not my boyfriends which I though was weird as we assumed his was just a slightly fancier version of mine. Another 5 minutes later, the below arrived and we were left open-mouthed when it arrived. We couldn’t believe our eyes, it was like another dessert, now we know we said we had a big appetite but we were unaware that it came with a whole chocolate bar, ice-cream and cream. When ordering it would have been nice for them to point out that we had technically ordered 3 desserts when we thought we had ordered 2 desserts and 2 drinks. Normally my boyfriend has a big appetite but even he couldn’t manage both desserts as it was a bit too much sugar and ice-cream for him. However we loved everything we had, I especially liked my milkshake as it was just the right amount of mint to chocolate ratio.

Creams is a little more expensive than both Chai and Kaspas, however it is worth treating yourself once in a while. This is the perfect venue for a birthday or a catch up with  group of friends. There is plenty of choice and unlike the other to venues there are more tables so you are less likely to be disappointed if you don’t book in advance.

Disclaimer- This review is 100% my own opinion, I have not been sponsored by Creams or given any discount vouchers to use on my visits.


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