Florida 2016-Part Four-Universal Studios

Welcome back to another installment of my Florida adventure, if you have read my previous posts you will know majority of my holiday in September 2016 was spent doing Disney things, however we did also head to Universal Studios which my boyfriend enjoyed and so did the rest of the family.

Harry Potter

Now I have a confession to make I am not a big fan of Harry Potter, I have an imagination but Harry Potter is just a little too far for me. So far I have read one book ( this was for my A level English exam) and have seen the first two films. So you can imagine how excited I was to go to the Happy Potter part of Universal Studios, however I have to admit I was pretty impressed. When we got to Universal we headed straight for the train with the plan being we would do one park that day and come back another day to do the other half. Now although I am not Harry’s biggest fan I was impressed by the Hogwarts Express train, especially the effects in the windows as it went along. I have been to the Harry Potter studios in London so had an idea what things from the film look like and have to say I was quiet impressed with the fully functioning Diagon Alley. We decided to go on the Gringots bank ride, which I assumed was just a 3D theatre experience, oh how wrong was I! It was actually 4D and included one drop and quiet a lots of spinning. Now I am going to be honest after the drop I closed my eyes for most of it, but the bits I did see where very good (I did actually laugh at one point, think this was before the drop) but I will not be going back on this ride, ever. Here are a few pictures I took before we went on the ride, the characters actually moved and made comments and the images on the newspapers actually changed which was pretty cool.

Minions and Shrek ride

 As these are both 3D/4D rides I have decided to review them together. As you may know from previous posts I went to Florida with my boyfriend and his family. One of my boyfriend’s sisters loves the Minions so naturally we had to check out the ride we looked online before we went and knew that we were going to enjoy it and there was not much movement involved. There was a wait time of 25 minutes so me, my boyfriend and my boyfriends sister joined the que. This by far was the best ride I went on, the whole trip ( as you will see from my Disney posts, I didn’t actually go on many rides). The Minions ride consisted of sitting in a chair with 3D glasses on and the chairs tipped front and back and side to side and up and down but only very slightly. I loved every single minute of it, even though at one point it did feel like I was on an actual moving rollercoaster. After this we headed to the Shrek ride with high expectations, which unfortunately were not met. The effects on this ride were good, but compared the Minions it was average, expect the part where it felt like spiders were running past your feet that was scary but very clever. We enjoyed the minions ride so much that on our second visit we went on it again, but this time as a whole family.

Day two at Universal

As mentioned we planned to do Universal over two days based on my boyfirend’s families past experience. We headed straight for the train again so that my boyfriend and his sister could go on the Gringrots Harry Potter ride again and then we all as a family went on the Minions ride. Once we had done that we headed back to the other side.

Dr Seuss Land

Now I spent so much time researching Disney I completely forgot to check out what was at universal, I knew Harry Potter and The Simpson’s was there but that was about it. You should have seen my face when I spotted the Dr Seuss Land. I have only recently in the last 5 years discovered the Dr Suess stories through the films, my favourite being the Lorax. On our first day I went to get a picture with The Cat in The Hat and was told he was going inside for a break and would be back out later, I was gutted. On our second visit we saw them again as we headed for the train, this time I managed to get a picture and autograph which I was very happy about. Thing 2 even kissed my hand, which made me blush a little. On the way back through I went into all the shops to check out the merchandise, the first shop we went into was the book shop and right in the corner was the Lorax, I think I actually squeaked with delight. I then went on the Cat in the Hat ride which took you round different scenes from The Cat in the Hat adventures, it was a slow ride but nice to get out of the Florida sunshine. I also wanted to go on the outside train ride but it was closed due to weather conditions which I was a bit gutted about.


I would like to go back to Universal as I feel there is still lots to be seen but due to the hot weather and the rain it made it very difficult to stay there for long periods of time. So if you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments below.


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