Florida 2016- Part Five- Food

I am back with another installment about my recent holiday to Florida. This post is going to have more photos than words, hope you enjoy. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments.

Longhorn Steak House

This was by far my favourite complete meal, I actually had three courses and enjoyed every single one. I had the pork chops (only manage one and half, two was too much), the sweet potato jacket potato was amazing with cinnamon butter and the chocolate lava cake was yummy.

Taco Bell

We only went to Taco Bell once but it was my favourite fast food restaurant, I love Mexican food and this was great convenient food. We ordered at the till and then about 10 mins later our food was brought over to us.


My favourite restaurant / dinner would have to be Denny’s as I enjoyed their breakfast, lunch and dinner menus and apart from one occasion the service was brilliant.Philly chicken sub and seasoned fries was my first meal in America and it was so yummy. I also had Strawberry lemonade which was so refreshing. My other favourite meal from Denney’s was the BBQ Bourbon Mushroom Burger.

Cheesecake Factory

If I had to choose a favourite dish I think it would be the Spaghetti Carbonara from Cheesecake Factory as that day I had a sore throat and it was just what I needed and tasted amazing, I choose to add chicken which was a good choice. My favourite dessert was of course cheesecake from the Cheescake factory, it was like nothing I had ever tried before, it gave cheesecake a whole new meaning.


We went to I hop for breakfast quite a few times, I always ordered the savoury and sweet combo, which I eat separately.


We went to Applebee’s twice and both times I enjoyed my meal, my favourite side was the garlic greens they were really good and I plan to re-create these at home.

Mc Donalds

We went to Mc Donalds a few times for breakfast, I thought it was good but not amazing however I did enjoy mt Mc Griddle which was like a sweet pancake/ bun with bacon, cheese and egg in the middle.

Bubba Gump Shrimp

Before I went to Bubba Gump Shrimp I hadn’t seen Forrest Gump all the way through, only clips. Since coming back from Florida I have watched it all the way through and have a new appreciation. The food was good and the service was great we were given a mini film quiz while we waited for our food which made the time go quicker. The menu included Shrimp every way you could think of. We also got to keep our glasses as they were celebrating their 20th anniversary, it’s a nice souvenir that I have used since getting home.

Burger King

We only went to Burger King for breakfast once, but I preferred it to Mc Donalds. The mini has browns were yummy and they had a fancy drinks menu that had lots of different drinks to choose from.

CiCi’s Pizza

This was the only place me and my boyfriend went for Dinner on our own, we went straight after a long day at Animal Kingdom. It’s an all you can eat self-service buffet, which is regularly replenished. The pizza wasn’t the best I have ever had ( I have been to Italy) however it was hot and tasty, there was plenty of choice and even included drinks and desserts.


This was my favourite breakfast, the pancakes were so fluffy and yummy but I couldn’t manage all three. The service was great with all the staff checking if we were okay as they walked past.


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