Wildwood Restaurant Peterborough- Review

Guess who is back with another restaurant review? Now I know I said I was trying to save money in my 2017 goals post, however this is an exception as it was a friend’s birthday. I have been to Wildwood in Peterborough a few times previously, however that was before I had my blog. I have always been happy with the food and the service I have received. I visited Wildwood at the end of January 2017 and thought I would let you know if my opinion of the place has changed.


Wildwood’s menu is a mixture of Italian and Grill, I am a big fan of their Italian Dishes, many of the options on the menu I had seen previously. I decided to skip the starter and just have a main dish, I choose the Spaghetti with Prawns which I had tried previously as nothing else really caught my attention. The dish consists of pasta, cherry tomatoes, king prawns and a white wine and garlic sauce. As previously this dish was very tasty, there is a good amount of prawns and plenty of pasta.  One of my friends is a vegan and opted for the Superfood Salad and requested extra avocado instead of feta cheese and mushroom rather than the protein option which they were happy to do for him. One of my other friends asked for a calzone but on a normal base which they were also happy to do for her, her boyfriend ordered a calzone but unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of both of these. My other friend whose birthday it was ordered the peri- peri chicken and her husband order the Philly Steak and cheese sandwhich. Everyone was happy with their choices and the portion sizes.

Service / Atmosphere

Even though it was a Saturday night and there was six of us, the food arrived promptly and our waitress was really nice. I did have to ask for a spoon to eat my spaghetti but this was brought to me in a matter of minutes. The waitress also asked if my friend would like a dressing to go with his salad. We were offered desserts and hot drinks but we declined on this occasion as the others wanted to go to a dessert restaurant instead. There was a few celebrations taking place at WildWood on Saturday night when I went which added a buzz to the atmosphere, people laughing and having a good time. When I looked around there was quite a few large groups of people, due to how big Wildwood is, they can easily accommodate for large parties.


I would have to say that Wildwood is a middle range restaurant with most of the starters costing around £6, mains £12 and desserts £6. Although the food is nice, once you also pay for the drinks this is not somewhere you could afford to go regularly. In the past I remember there being a deal you could get for having either 2 or 3 courses however this was not available on Saturday night. WildWood in Peterborough also has a cinema, with films being shown on Thursday nights, they offer a deal where you can have your food and film for a reasonable price. Due to the good food and service I will be sure to visit again but due to the price and me trying to save money this year, it will only be on special occasions.



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