Florida 2016- Part Six- Souvenirs

Hi guys I am back with more about my amazing holiday to Florida this time I am going to show you some of the souvenirs that I brought back. This post will be mainly pictures with a few descriptions thrown in. If there is anything you would like to know, please feel free to ask in the comments.


As I am sure you would’ve guessed, I got a lot of Disney items. The one thing I wanted before I got there was my Chip mug which my boyfriend’s sister’s kindly brought me as a present. I absolutely love my ring, however now I have got home it’s too big (think my hands were slightly swollen due to heat), so I need to find a way to make it smaller, any suggestions welcomed. My second favourite item, is my Crocs flip-flops below. These were a god send. I picked these up about a week into my trip as my feet had been killing me and I forgot to bring my Crocs. I went into the Disney outlet store and there they were just hanging up, it was just meant to be. As soon as I got out of the shop I put them on and apart from one day I wore them every day after that and not once did my feet hurt.




As I am a Disney fan, I didn’t buy as much from Universal studios, however I did pick up a coin press book and collected the pressed coins on my way round. As you can see I mainly got Dr Seuss items as you will know if you read my Universal Studios post this was my favourite part of Universal Studios.

Bath and Body Works


I spent a lot of time on the Bath and BodyWorks website before I went and watched a few haul videos on YouTube so had a rough idea of what I wanted to get before I went. As I went to an outlet store, I wasn’t able to get all the items I wanted. My favourite item so far, is the Vampire Blood foaming hand wash its amazing, you only need a little bit and it smells amazing.  If I had known how good it was, I would have brought more. The day I went to Bath and Body Works I had a cold and couldn’t smell anything so had to go by what I had read and the names. I picked up the cult Leaves candle, which smells lovely but doesn’t seem to have that much of the smell when burning. I have tried the fragrance mists before as I had been given them as gifts, I choose to get the travel size so I could take them in my handbag when I go out for the day or the gym.



I am yet to use the two masks, but I am in love with my lip gloss. You may have spotted me wearing it in a few of my Disney photo’s. Here is another one just in case. I love that it dries matt and it actually lasts a really long time.



Candy/ Treats


As you can imagine most of these are gone already and I have a slight obsession with Skittles, they taste so much better than the ones you can buy in England.

Hair Products


As some of you will know from reading my previous posts about my hair journey, I am trying to grow my hair. In america it is so easy to get products for my hair type, you just go into any supermarket and there they are,so I may have got a little bit carried away. I have been using the Whole Blends repairing shampoo ever since I got back and I love it. I will review these further in my next hair journey update, so keep a look out.

Nail Stuff


Hi my name is Jo and I am addicted to nail polish.Can you tell? I have been dreaming about the day that I could get my hands on american nail polish for years. I watch a lot of YouTubers who live in america and I am always jealous of the different brands you can pick up in America. Surprisingly I didn’t bring back as many as I thought I would. I picked most of these up from Walmart and Pharmacies as they had such a big selection.

Basin-Disney Springs


I am yet to try these products but I had seen the shop in a few videos I had watched and had to try it. It has been compared to Lush, I will let you know what I think.

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment. The only think I am unsure about is prices of things but other than I am happy to help.


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