Florida 2016- Part Seven- My Top 10 Tips

Hi Guys, so this is going to be my last post about my recent holiday to Florida, I hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Here are my top 10 tips for visiting Florida:

1-Buy/Bring a cooling towel

Before travelling to America I had read about these cooling tools but the price on Amazon put me off. However when I got out there I was in T J Maxx and spotted one in the gym section that was cheap and decide to try it. The idea is that you soak them in water, wring them out and shake it to activate and then it keeps you cool for a few hours, then when you need to, you just re-wet it. Once I lent it to my boyfriends mum and she realised how great it was we headed to Walmart to get everyone one. You can get them in the parks but they are a lot more expensive. This item came with us everyday that we went to the parks, as soon as we saw a bathroom or a water fountain we activated it and wrapped it round our neck.

2- Buy/Bring a Poncho

This also became an essential item that was put in our bags every day when we were in Florida. We purchased some cheap ones from the pound shop before we went so that each member of the family had one. Nearly everyday that we was there it rained at some point, having these meant we could quickly put them on and carry on with our day. Whilst out there I did purchased another poncho which was a bit thicker and had Micky on, I have brought this one home to use next time. Poncho’s can be brought at the parks but its cheaper to get them at a supermarket or dollar store.

3- Make sure shoes are comfortable

Now I am sure you have read it in other blogs but I am going to repeat it again, please take comfortable shoes. I brought a new pair of shoes with me that I had barely worn, I soon found out that after a few hours that my feet started hurting to the point I had to take pain killers. At the start of my second week I was speaking to my mum on the phone who said I should have brought my Crocs, I choose to leave them to save my luggage allowance. That day we went to the Disney outlet and as if by some miracle  hanging up where Disney Croc flip-flops, it was as if it was just meant to be. I didn’t even hesitate to buy them and they are one of the best purchases I made. On one particular day I wore them for around 9 hours and my feet didn’t hurt one little bit. I have two pairs of Crocs at home and they are great, its like walking on air. Next time I will be bringing all 3 pairs with me.


4- Buy/Bring a powerbank

This was another back pack essential, that we made sure we had everyday. I choose not to bring a camera on this holiday and instead took all my photos on my mobile phone. My boyfriend purchased a charger which allowed us to charge my Samsung and his Iphone at the same time. When we were out all day it was perfect for topping up our battery so we didn’t miss any photo opportunities.

5- Drink plenty

With the heat in Florida this may seem like an obvious one, however whilst queuing to meet Aladdin a lady in front of me asked me to get her some assistance as she felt faint, she admitted that she hadn’t drunk that much that day. When you are having so much fun, its easy to forget to keep yourself hydrated. On our first day we all brought water bottles to carry around with us. Every morning we filled up water bottles with loads of ice and some kind of squash, the ice meant that it lasted it a lot longer. Drinks are quite expensive in the Parks, but apparently if you go to a quick service restaurant you can get a free cup of ice water.


6- Do some research before you go

Florida is a big place and the parks are massive, there is no way you can fit everything in. I suggest doing some research and making a list of things you really want to do. Before I went I looked at rides, restaurants hopping malls so I could get an idea of what I would like to do. Unfortunately I didn’t get to tick everything of my list due to the weather, but I plan to go back next year.

7- If you really like, buy it

If you see something you really like, make sure you get it. I kept looking at an Alice and Wonderland themed cup and kept putting it back down. When I got back home I looked on Amazon and it was double the price plus delivery. Now I don’t suggest buying everything you see the first day, but as it get closer to the end of the holiday and there is something that you keep getting drawn back to, just get it otherwise you may regret it when you get home.

8- Check prices outside of the Parks for gifts

When driving around Florida you will notice that there are a lot of gift shops selling Disney and Universal merchandise. I recommend checking them out as sometimes that have different stuff to what is in the Park and sometimes it is cheaper. We discovered that there is a shop in Old Kissmee that is selling current Disney Park items but for cheaper, for example Disney Pins and cups ( including the Chip mug which I had already got, it was about $3 dollars cheaper).

9- Get to the park early

Where possible get to the parks early, unless you are planning to watch the night-time entertain in which case I recommend having a big meal before you go in and then snacking as we didn’t eat till late. Due to the unpredictable Florida weather we noticed it was best to get there early as it usually rained in the afternoon. Getting there early means you get more time to explore and go on rides, if the weather does get bad you can go home knowing you have still had a good day.

10- Don’t enjoy everything through your camera

Everyone wants memories to take home with them, so understandably you will take photos ( I took around 600) however there are certain times when I took a few photos and then put my camera away and enjoyed the moment ( my favourite moment being the fireworks). Take time to just look around enjoy the company and the atmosphere. Although I have some amazing photos to look back on, I will always remember how I felt on the first day I arrived at Magic Kingdom and how emotional I got watching the fireworks which you just can’t capture in a picture.



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