SensatioNail Ultimate Gel Starter Kit- Review – Part One

For Christmas I received the SensatioNail – Limited Edition Ultimate Gel Starter Kit from Boots, I actually bought it myself on Black Friday as it was on offer and then my boyfriend gave me the money back and wrapped it up for Christmas. I previously had the Ciate gel kit which you can read my review on here, however somehow the lamp got cracked and it no longer works. I had seen SensatioNail in Boots on many occasions but due to the price of the kit and gel polishes I did not purchase. However, when I saw that the SensatioNail – Limited Edition Ultimate Gel Starter Kit allowed you to mix regular polish with a solution and make it into a gel polish I was intrigued. Below is a list of the contents of my kit.

Contents of Starter Kit:

  • SensatioNail Pro 1530 LED lamp with mains adaptor
  • 2 colour polishes: Miss Behave & Going for the Rose Gold (3.69ml each)
  • Gel base/top coat (7.39ml), Gel Cleanser (27.2ml)
  • Gel Primer (3.54 ml), Polish to Gel (7.39ml)
  • Mixing pot
  • Removal tool
  • Nail shields
  • Manicure stick
  • Buffer
  • Lint free wipes.

Nail Shields

The first thing I decided to try was the nail shields and one of the SensatioNail gel colours that came in the kit. The idea behind the nails shields is that it protects your nails and allows for easy removal. It also means you don’t need to prep your nails before or put on a base coat, you can go straight ahead and apply the gel colour. Now I have tried this on two occasions and failed miserably ( I forgot to take pictures apologies). Before trying them a second time I actually watched someone applying them on YouTube, she made it look so easy. On both occasions, I ended up with bumps in the nail shields which showed through after I had applied the colour and top coat. In theory these sound like a great idea as to remove you just soak your hands in warm water for 5 minutes and then peel off. Unfortunately, I was just not able to get the technique right and ended up peeling them straight off.

Gel Colour

After failing miserably with the nail shields I then decided to do all the steps without the nail shields. Now I say I did all the steps however on both occasions I did forget to buff the nails first, which may have affected my result. Also on my second attempt I did not use the nail primer as I was rushing. The instructions are as follows from Boots website:

1. Prepare – Apply our exclusive Gel Primer then Gel Base & Top Coat and cure for 15 seconds.
2. Polish – Sweep on your favourite shade of SensatioNail Gel colour and cure for 30 seconds.
3. Protect – Seal in colour with Gel Base and Top Coat and cure for 15 seconds.

You will notice there is no mention of buffing, however this is one of the tips in the paper instructions. I also cured my nails for 30 secs on each layer, but I am unsure if this makes a difference. On both occasions one of my nails chipped within a day and then after that more did. I was able to literally peel the SensatioNail gel polish off in one piece. I am unsure if this is because of the lack of primer or maybe I had applied it too thickly. The only comparison I can give is the time I had Bio Sculpture gel polish ( you can read the review here) where I had to buff the polish off as it was not coming off. The SensatioNail box says that it should last up to 2 weeks, but I was unable to get mine to last 2 days. I have read a lot of reviews most of them being positive however I was able to find a few people who had exactly the same experience as myself in regards to chipping and the polish lifting off.


I have tried the SensatioNail kit again, this time buffing my nails and using the nail primer however I have also used a different brand of colour. This time I used Elite99 colour changing polish which I borrowed from a friend (one of my 2017 goals is not to buy any polish), which you can purchase online. After two weeks there are no chips and the polish is not lifting like it did previously. I am unsure whether it is the change of polish or the fact I prepped my nails that has made it last longer as I am yet to repeat the process with the SensatioNail colour that came with the kit. I also ensured that I painted a thin layer every time, for the look below I actually used three coats of the colour. I have fallen in love with this polish that changes colour with heat, I love the two-tone effect I get due to my nails being long and also how shiny they are ( the picture does not do them justice). The only thing I have noticed is that after a week and a half they have started to peel from the top as my cuticle has grown.


The main reason I got this kit was to transform my normal polish into gel polish. I will do a review on this shortly once I have tried it out.


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