American Football- Peterborough Royals

Hi Guys this is a slightly different post for me as I am not a sporty person, but Peterborough Royals kindly inviting me on Twitter to come and watch them play. I checked my diary and was free that day and dragged my boyfriend along. Due to my boyfriend knowing a lot more about sport and me not knowing what was going on I am going pass over to him for the rest of this post. He also has his own bog which you can check out here.Over to my boyfriend..

Having never really watched American Football before, I only really know a few things from what I have seen in films. Having seen the ladies preparing for the game it was starting to get exciting to watch my local team playing in a sport that I didn’t really think would have that much attention.

Looking around there were a fair few fans there some were obviously family members and some friends but the turn out was really good and the support the fans showed was even better.

The Royals took to the field against the Saints in the first game and it was not a disappointment.It was a hard fought battle between the 2 teams and the Royals were just edged out of it, the defence struggled a little against the Saints number 36 with her speed but they certainly made up for it with there offence just being tipped 25 – 19. The defence and the offence both showed what they were capable of doing by fighting until the very end.


The Royals making there home debut may have lost but they kept there spirits up and prepared for there second game.

The second game was a hard pill to swallow as a spectator seeing the ladies lose to the Portsmouth Dreadnaughts 44 – 6,  I couldn’t imagine how they must of felt, never the less the ladies showed resilience and worked right until the end showing they were determined to keep the Dreadnaughts fighting until the last minute.The ladies worked their socks off through out the game but could not find the end result. The Dreadnaughts defence were strong and managed to keep the Royals offence at bay. The Royals showed great sportsmanship and never looked like giving up for one minute.

As a spectator watching only my second American Football game was surprised by the physicality of the games, these woman were tough as nails and certainly not afraid to get down and dirty for the cause. I’m certainly a fan of the sport and immensely proud of the Royals effort in both games let’s hope we can pick up a win in the next game.

The experience was new and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it (despite the losses).

I look forward to seeing a few more games this season to show my support that this sport can be played by men and women, some of these ladies could give the men a run for there money.

I would like to thank the coaches and players for a exciting experience.


It Jo again, I have to agree with everything my boyfriend has said. Like I said this is not my normal kind of post as I am not very sporty but I actually enjoyed it. Hat’s off to those women, they are not afraid to get dirty and are a lot stronger than me.Thank you to the Peterborough Royals for inviting me along to watch.I look forward to watching them again and hope they have better luck next time.


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