Disney Haul- March 2017

Hi Guys, as many of you probably know I went to Florida last year which was a dream come true as I am a big Disney fan ( if you click on Florida on the left hand side you can find all the posts about my amazing holiday) . If you read my post about what I took to Florida ( you can read it here) you will know I brought a few items from Primark as they had quiet a few items before I went away. Although I have not decided when I am next going back, I can’t help buying Disney themed stuff, its Primark’s fault. What also doesn’t help is that I found a group on Facebook that post pictures of what items are available in Primark in different stores.

One of my goals for 2017 is to get fitter so I have decided to combine this with shopping at Primark by going for a walk on my lunch break at least once a week it’s about a 10 min walk and then I walk round both levels of Primark. Every time I go now, I take pictures of any new items for the Facebook group and of course I never leave empty-handed. Now if you have read my goals post (you can read it here) I also am trying to save money, due to this I try to set myself a small budget every month and with Primark being so reasonably priced I have been able to pick up a few things this month. Since joining the Facebook Group I have realised I am not the only Disney fan and hope you will enjoy this post.


Jungle Book Travel Cup

This is by far my favourite purchase so far this month as I use it every day at work. For ages I have looked for a travel cup that didn’t have the hole in the top as the hot air escapes and my tea wasn’t staying warm long. Now I have been a big fan of Jungle Book since I was a child and I also love the re-make, so it wasn’t hard choosing which cup I wanted in Primark. My job involves answering calls and before I would make a drink first thing and then get caught up on the phone, by the time I came to drink it was cold and I am sure most of you know cold tea made with milk is not nice. Now that I have this cup with a flip lid when I get a call, I just close it and it stays luke warm for around an hour.

Mickey Throw and Jungle Book Pillow

Now I am going to talk about both these items together as they are actually both still in the bag with the receipt as I haven’t decided if I am keeping them. As already mentioned I am a fan of Jungle Book, I had already seen this pillow in the Facebook Group and was so excited when I found this in my local store in Peterborough. As mentioned in my goals for 2017 post my aim was to sort out my spare bedroom which is supposed to be my study/ guest room. In my mind I pictured me sitting on the sofa in my study with my head resting on the pillow and covered in the throw reading a book. However its March and I have not even started to tidy up this room. Which is why these items are still in the bag, I do like them but part of me thinks will I ever use them and by the time the room is ready there may be a nicer pillow and throw I want.


Beauty and the Beast toiletry bag

If you have read any of my Florida posts (if not, why ever not?) you will know my favourite Disney film is Beauty and the Beast. Again I had seen the toiletry bag in on Facebook and had popped into Primark a couple of times and couldn’t find it, but then I was working on a Saturday and finished at 3:30pm and just popped in on the off-chance and there they were hanging up near the pyjamas so I grabbed one ( I am glad I did , as by the Monday they had none and the space had been filled with slippers). In March I went to visit my friend in Norwich so this was perfect to store all my toiletries in.

Quick update July 2017: The teeth on the Beauty and the Beast toiletry bag have started to fall off making it difficult to close and open. I have spotted in the group that this has also happened to other people. I have only used me bag about twice so far, I am gutted. But some would say you get what you pay for.

Twisted Tale book

The book I had also found out about from Facebook as I was travelling by train to Norwich I had plenty of time to start this book. I picked this up in Tesco’s as they were running an offer buy two for £7, I also picked up Hidden Figures which is now at the cinemas (watch the space for a book review). As the title suggests they are a twisted tale on a classic Disney story, adding a perspective that has not been thought about. There are two more so far in the collection based on Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty, depending on what I think of this one I may purchase the others however I was never a big fan of Sleeping Beauty. I will do a review once I have finished reading it.

Mickey Mouse Socks

As part of my goals for 2017 (see I am trying work on them) I plan to sort out my two spare bedrooms which includes sorting out my clothes. I also have a draw of socks and some of them are over 6 years old and I thought it was time for some news ones, new year, new me. These were a bargain for three pairs and so cute, you will see in my next picture that I also picked up some Winne the Pooh ones. I can now happily get rid of my old ones that are faded and say the days of the week on them ( I never wore them on the right day or a matching pair).


Beauty and the Beast T-shirts

I don’t need to explain why I got this t-shirts, I love Beauty and the Beast. I got this in preparation for going to the cinema to see Beauty and the Beast. I obviously didn’t need both or even one of them but I just couldn’t resist. I love that the grey one has the animated characters on it, I am still not too sure about the live-action version of Mrs Potts and Chip. I will put up a review soon as to what I thought of the new film.

Tinkerbelle Pyjama Jacket

Now this I really didn’t need, but it was reduced from £12 to £5 and I couldn’t resist (I love a bargain, especially if its Disney). Most of my pajamas and night shirts are short selves and on a Sunday I normally spend most of the day in them. This jacket fits perfectly over them and keeps my arms warm rather than putting on my fluffy dressing gown.

Winne the Pooh Socks

As I have mentioned these briefly when talking about my Mickey socks I wont go on about the reason behind these. However I will say Winnie the Pooh is a childhood favourite character, I use to have a Winne the Pooh backpack for school from Argos and one of my close friends had the Eyore one, we loved them. I love the colour of these socks perfect for Spring.


Beauty and the Beast notepad

I am not even going to justify this one, all I am going to say is that it’s from Clinton’s and part of their amazing new range brought out for the launch of the film this March. If you’re a fan like me, I recommend checking it out there are some great items some are in my opinion a bit over priced but if I had the money I would get them.

Well that’s it guys that’s everything I brought in March, looking back I have brought more than I intended to and went over my budget. I will do another post next month with hopefully a few less things. Also keep your eye out for my book review.

Your never too old for Disney.


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