Lent 2017- How I am getting on?

Hi Guys I am back with an update on how I am getting on this Lent, if you read my previous post ( which you can read here) you will know that I decided to go one set further this year and not only give up chocolate but cut back on sugar.

Giving up Chocolate

In previous years I have given up chocolate without any issues however normally when I wanted a sugar fix I would turn to sweets. However that is not possible this year as I have also cut out sweets, cakes, biscuits and any other obvious sugar. My biggest test was the charity bake sale at work for Comic Relief, my work colleagues made some amazing looking and smelling cakes. I managed to stay strong and just brought one slice for my boyfriend as I know he is partial to a slice of lemon drizzle cake. My friend actually emailed me to say well done for not caving in on the cakes which made me smile and motivated to carry on.


So to help me with my sugar cravings I have been having more fruit and yogurt, mainly strawberries as they are my favourite. Sometimes I have had this as a snack but other times i have it for breakfast rather than my normally sugary cereal. If I had cut out fruit and yogurt as well I don’t think I would have coped, these have been my saving graces.

Fitness and Weight

As well as giving up sugar for lent i was also aiming to up my fitness to help me loose weight. However not long after lent started I went to Zumba and the next day my back started hurting and after a week of doing no exercise it was still really sore. Now previously my back has hurt in the same place after housework or exercise but normally it only lasted a day but this was a week so i went to the Doctors. The doctor advised that I had torn a ligament in my back and not to exercise and do any housework for two weeks. As I am writing this its now been two and half weeks and I am still feeling twinges in my back, so i am going back to my doctors. I am actually gutted about this as i really enjoy Zumba and had started to take longer walks at lunch time.

So I just weighed myself (30.03.2017) and I have lost 10 pounds, which I really chuffed about. The first few weeks I only lost a couple of pounds, which I was gutted about. It just goes to show how much weight sugar was causing me to put on.


So I have been really good expect one day which is when I went to watch the new Beauty and the Beast film. No trip to the cinema is complete without some popcorn and a ice slushie. If you haven’t read any of my other posts you may not be aware that I am big Disney fan and have been looking forward to this film for a long time. Now I said from the start that I was cutting back on sugar rather than giving it up completely so technically this was not a fail however I am aware that ice drinks are full of sugar and I could of chosen salty popcorn but I choose sweet. In case you are interested i will be putting my film review up shortly.

I also went to Norwich for the weekend to visit an old school friend and I am not going to lie their was a bit of alcohol consumed. I drank mainly prosecco and wine which I am sure contains some sugar however I do not go out every weekend.

Dairy Free


Something I haven’t really discussed before is my health issues, I seem to have a reaction to certain foods with symptoms similar to IBS. This has been going on for over 3 years I have had many hospital tests that have come back normal. So in a last ditch a tempt I decided to go and visit my friend who is a nutritionist ( more on that in another post) who has suggested going dairy free for three weeks. So on top of cutting back on sugar I am not dairy free as well for 3 weeks, which coincides well with Lent. I will do a separate post to let you know how I got on and whether going Dairy free made any difference.

Am I missing sugar?

To be honest although it has been hard to resist cakes at work especially home made ones, I don’t actually miss sugar as much as I thought I would. I think because I have had fruit and yogurt as an alternative it has actually made it a lot easier. Once Lent is over I will do another post letting you know of any benefits or differences I have noticed by cutting back on sugar for Lent. Have you given anything up? I would love to know in the comments.


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