Lent 2017- How did I get on cutting back sugar?

If you are a regular reader of my blog (If you are thank you for coming back, if not welcome) you will know that for Lent this year I cut back on sugar, this included chocolate, sweets, biscuits and added sugar. Normally I just give up chocolate for Lent but this year I decided to take it a bit further and challenge myself. On a whole I did pretty well, the worse sweet thing I had was sweet popcorn at the cinema and an ice junkie.

I would say that I have a pretty good diet, I cook most of my meals from fresh and only have about one takeaway a month however my weakness is sugar. I am a big fan of chocolate and cake and find it hard to say no if offered to me ( working in an office, it’s always someone’s birthday or a bake sale). Normally when I finish a meal I get an instant urge to have something sweet, which is a habit I have had for many years. So this Lent I decided to try to break that habit so that I could improve my health and hopefully lose a few pounds.


In my previous post I mentioned that I had lost about 9 pounds, however weighing myself again I have put a few back on. I also mentioned previously that I have hurt my back which is stopping me from exercising. I have been back to the doctors and been advised I can do some exercise and have been referred to the hospital. I have been going to Zumba once a week which seems to help although I do feel a slight bit of discomfort when doing it. I am going to try going back to swimming and see how that affects my back. Hopefully my hospital appointment will come through soon.

Food and Drink

Normally I would have sugar in my tea, but for the whole of Lent I used sweetener and honey instead which I didn’t mind. I think that I will continue to use sweetener as I don’t mind the taste and its fewer calories. To help with my sweet cravings I ate more fruit and yogurt which I enjoyed, this is something I will continue to have for breakfast or as a snack. Whenever I had a sweet craving at work I had a handful of raisins and nuts which seemed to work a treat. The hardest bit was when there was cakes at work, especially ones that were homemade but I resisted. One of my workmates actually sent me a message saying well done for not caving in to temptation which made me feel good.

Now Lent is over

Once it hit midnight on Easter Sunday I did have some chocolate, my work place had kindly given me a dairy free Easter egg (which was surprisingly tasty). I did enjoy it but not as much as I thought I would, they say that your taste buds alter once you have less sugar and I believe that is what has happened to me. Sweets that I used to happily eat before now taste really sweet and I don’t actually enjoy them. I did enjoy a couple of normal Easter eggs over the Easter weekend but since then I really haven’t had much chocolate at all. When I couldn’t have it for lent at the beginning I missed it but now I can have it again I am not actually that fussed which is a good thing. If you have read my blog before you will know that I love the new dessert restaurants that have opened in Peterborough and use to go at least once a month but now I see it being even less often as that as I feel like that will be a sugar overload for me. I think I can proudly say I have broken my sugar addiction and I won’t be going back to my old ways.


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