Disney Twisted Tale- As Old As Time- Book Review

As mentioned in my Disney haul ( you can read this here), I picked this book up to read on my train journey to Norwich. I have finally finished it and thought I would let you know what I thought. I use to do a lot of reading when I was younger, I would spend hours in my conservatory just reading. However since I have moved out with my boyfriend I have spent more time in front of the TV cuddled up with him. I worked out we watch about 3 hours of tv a night in the week and even more at the weekends if we have no plans. I have also brought the book Hidden Figures which has been turned into a film, which I plan to make time to read. So watch this space for more book reviews, if you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments.

Now unless you are new to my blog, (in which case welcome) you will be aware that I am a big Disney fan and Beauty and the Beast is my all time favourite Disney film. I recently reviewed the live action version (which you can read here) which I enjoyed and gave an 8 out of 10. If you haven’t heard of the Twisted Tale series, the idea behind them is that they have taken the classic Disney story and added a twist. As you will see from the picture, on the front of the book it says “What if Belle’s mother cursed the Beast?” If you are familiar with the original you will be aware that there is no mention of Belle’s mum however in the new live action she is mentioned briefly. However for the rest of this review I am going to compare it to the original animated version of the story.

To begin with I found Twisted Tale- As Old As Time a bit confusing as it flicks between life before Belle was born and the original story which starts with Belle visiting the village. However after a few chapters I got use to it flicking between the two periods of time. I enjoyed the addition of finding out about her mother as there is no mention of her in the original. Twisted Tale- As Old As Time book begins with Belle’s father and continues on to how he met Belle’s mother, who in this book is a witch who has powers. At the same time you get to follow the story of how Belle meets the Beast which is very similar to the original until she finds the rose in the West Wing (I won’t spoil it for you). Being the avid fan that I am I could spot the subtle differences between the original story and the Twisted Tale- As Old As Time book but I assume the point was to be different as it is a Twisted Tale but I like the fact that in the beginning it doesn’t stray too far from the original.

Twisted Tale- As Old As Time focuses more on the untold story of her mum and the curse she is meant to of put on the beast. It was interesting to find out about Belle’s mother and her father and how they supposedly met. I liked the fact that the servants and their personalities from the original story were included in the book, my favourite character is Chip, followed by Mrs Potts.

Now I won’t spoil the ending for you but it’s not what I expected in the slightest, at one point I was nearly crying. This was a perfect twist that I just didn’t see coming and very far from the original story. As much as I love the original story I have to admit that I did really enjoy this, it was well written and an unexpected ending. I kind of wish this had been made into a live action film rather than re-making the original. I would recommend this book to anyone that is a Disney fan, especially if you love Beauty and the Beast. Due to loving this book more than I thought I would, I will now be looking to purchase the Aladdin one from the series.


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