My Fitness Journey- 5 Reasons why I Love Zumba

As part of making 2017 my year ( you can read my post here) I decided to improve my fitness to help improve my health and hopefully lose a few pounds.My favourite form of exercise is Zumba, however currently due to a sore back I am unable to do it. But I thought I would share my top 5 reasons why I love zumba:

  1. Dancing- To me dancing is a hobby which is why I love Zumba and I don’t see it as exercise as I am having too much fun. It doesn’t matter if you have no rhythm, as long as your moving and having fun. One thing I love is that when your dancing in a Zumba class no one judges you, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get the move right first time.
  2. Music- I love the different styles of music that are played at my Zumba class one minute it’s a Latin- American themed song and then its Justin Timberlake. You can do Zumba to lots of different styles of music, all you need is a good beat. However I do like it when a songs comes on that I know as I like singing along whilst I am dancing.
  3. Friends- Every week I go I make new friends, I normally arrive a few minutes early so I can catch up with people and the instructor. I have made friends with a girl and we normally stand near the back of the class, whenever a new move is thrown in or it gets more intense we laugh about it.
  4. Energy- There is something about the energy in Zumba classes that you don’t get  from any other class. Zumba instructors are normally full of energy and very enthusiastic. My instructor normally comes round whilst we are dancing to give us an energy boost and push us to work harder. No matter how bad my day has been I know that by the time I finish my Zumba class I will feel better.
  5. Burns calories- An hour class can burn 600-1000 calories, without me realising. I only realise how hard I have worked the next day when my body aches.

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