My Fitness Journey- Meal Prepping

As some of you will already know this year I am trying to get fitter and what you eat is an important part of this. If you follow me on Instagram ( if not please do) you will know that I spend most Sundays prepping my lunches and some dinners for myself and boyfriend so that we are not tempted to eat out. Normally I try to cook at least two different meals so that we can alternate our lunches everyday. Sometimes if I am in a rush I try to use similar ingredients for both dishes so that there is less prep.

It’s such a great feeling going to bed on Sunday night knowing that you have your lunches organised for the week, I actually feel a bit smug when I am posting the pictures on Instagram. If I didn’t prep our lunches we would end up going to the shops and buying probably a meal deal which included a sandwich, crisps and a drink. I prefer to have a hot meal at lunch time especially in winter as I find it fills me up for longer and I tend not to snack as much.

I will put up a selection of my recent meals with a brief description of what they are. If you would like any of the recipes, please leave me a comment and I will do a blog post. Hopefully my pictures will inspire you to do your own meal prepping and give you some ideas of what you can make.

IMG_20170514_201212_927In the top left hand corner is a Beef Curry Bowl which I actually got the recipe for from Pinterest, I usually make chilli or bolognaise with mince and wanted to try something different. In the right hand corner is a dish I made up which has chicken, sweet potatoes and a tin of tomatoes and I just left it in the slow cooker for a few hours. The dish at the bottom is Basa fish with plum tomatoes which I cooked in the oven with foil over the top. All of my dishes include a bunch of spices that I just chucked in, I love spices and have so much to say that I will do another post on that.


So the top dish is chicken pasta bake with sweetcorn, peppers, onions and bacon bits. Normally I make pasta sauce in the slow cooker and then just use it whenever we are having pasta I just take a portion out of the freezer the night before.This is a regular dish that we cook as its quick and easy to do and normally we make about ten portions at a time and freeze some of them. The bottom dish is a quick chicken stir-fry that I threw together with some vegetables that I had in the fridge. I normally buy the vegtables separately rather than already prepared as I find they last longer.


Next up on the left is red snapper fish (which I brought frozen from Aldi) with vegetables this was for dinner rather than lunch hence why there is only two portions. The other dish is chilli con carne that my boyfriend made, however I made the rice as he hasn’t mastered that one yet.


Last but not least in the top left hand corner we have salt fish with tomatoes, onion and bacon bits. This is a recipe that I got from my mum, saltfish is very common in Jamaica where my mum is originally from.  In the top right hand corner is a chicken and pasta dish that I threw together with the ingredients I had in my fridge. In the bottom right hand corner is pork mince chilli with the same veg that I put in my pasta dish. Lastly in the bottom left hand corner is a new discovery of tortilla chips made in the ActiFry. previously I had made tortilla chips in the oven from a Lean in 15 reciepe but thought I would give it a try in my ActiFry and it they were so tasty and so quick to do.

Like I said towards the top of the post if you would like any of the full recipes please let me know in the comments and I will do a blog post. Hope this post has inspired some of you to do some meal prepping of your own. Follow me on Instagram to find out what meals I prep next sunday.


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