Vegan night at Chai in Peterborough

Happy New Year Guys, I am back with another restaurant review, I was meant to put this up last year but completely forgot apologies for the delay. I will go through my goals for 2018 in my next post.

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know I am a big fan of Chai the desert restaurant in Peterborough ( you can read my original post here). I am a big fan of deserts full stop, I think I have finally visited all of the ones in Peterborough. Since writing my review I have been back plenty of times and I am always recommending it to my friends. However last year I went along for something a little different …

One of my friends works for the new well-being center in Peterborough called SoulHappy ( I will talk about that in another post) and a long with her friend runs a vegan and vegetarian social group. Now I am neither vegetarian or vegan but a close friend of mine is and I often cook vegetarian meals for her. I was going through my Facebook news feed one day and spotted that my friend was hosting their social event at Chai this particular month and decided to take my friend and give it a try.

The guys at Chai kindly got in some quorn chicken and made a big batch of chicken tikka to go on their savory waffle, diary free cheese and a range of dairy free milks. I choose to go for the messy hot chocolate with soya milk and the dairy free and gluten-free waffle with quorn chicken tikka and vegan cheese. I have had the messy hot chocolate many times before and I have to be honest I do prefer the diary option however the soya version was not a bad alternative it was definitely palatable and enjoyable but I probably wouldn’t order it again.


I had never ordered a savory waffle before so was quite looking forward to trying this, as well as the gluten-free waffle which I had never had before. I ordered half a waffle with the intention of having another half sweet afterwards. However the half I had with Quorn chicken tikka and vegan cheese was very filling. I have had Quorn before so was not surprised that the chicken tikka tasted very nice and the consistency was not that much different to chicken and I had tried vegan cheese before so I knew I would like that. What surprised me the most was the waffle, normally when I got to Chai I struggle to finish my waffle as my stomach becomes bloated however the gluten free option did not have this effect on me, if it wasn’t for how filling the chicken tikka was I probably could have managed a whole gluten free waffle. The waffle was even lighter than their normal waffle and didn’t taste much different to the gluten version, I really enjoyed it and will definitely be ordering the gluten free waffle again.


There is about 12 of us who attended the vegan/ vegetarian night at Chai other people opted for sweet deserts in which they substituted the ice-cream with sorbet (they had four flavours) and they also had dark vegan chocolate as well.  Everyone was very impressed and happy with what they had ordered. Chai did make a special effort by getting a few extra items in especially for us but they do offer gluten and diary free options everyday.

This evening just gave me another reason to promote it even more to my friends, the menu has also extended since my last visit with some great new savory and sweet options. Can’t wait to visit again soon.


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