2018- New year, Better Me

Hi Guys hope you are well.

This year rather than say I am going to be a new me, I have decided to make a better me and improve myself in the areas that I am unhappy with. So here is my goals for 2018 to make me an even better person than I was in 2017.

Get Fit


For those of you who have read some of my previous post for my goals in 2017 (you can read it here) you may already know that this was one of my goals for last year however in about February I developed a constant back pain which meant by May I was unable to do any exercise. Fast forward to December 2017 and the pain has gone ( I will do a separate post on that) and I can finally get back to exercising. I have booked a holiday for my 30th birthday so that is my motivation to get fitter so I can go on long walks, dance to the early hours and strut around in a bikini. Watch this space, I am going to be beach body ready.

Cook Healthier Meals


As well as my back restricting me from exercising it also affected my ability to cook as often as I would like (which was hard as I love cooking). But now I am back in the game its time to start meal planning and batch cooking again. This year I also want to try to eat a bit healthier and try some new foods. Normally my main meals are pretty healthy but as I said I have got a bit slack lately, occasionally going for convenience and eating more snacks out of boredom. This year I want to make more use out of kitchen gadgets, you may have already read my previous post about my favourite gadgets (you can read it here) however I also brought a spiralizzer and an omelette maker last year. The spirallizer is still in the box, I haven’t even tried it yet.

Be more Positive


I will talk about this a bit more in my back pain post, but last year being in pain made me very down as I got frustrated that I couldn’t do things like cooking an exercise. I became a very negative person which is just not like me. This year I want to get back to my happy positive self and enjoy my life with friends and family. I am looking forward to my holiday and that is motivating me to get through every day. I also want to be more grateful for what I have got including my health. On some of my worst days last year I felt like my pain was unbearable and that I was the only one in pain. But now that I am feeling better I realise that actually I didn’t have it that bad and that I had forgotten about the millions of people who were in more pain and probably still are.

Spend more time with my Mum and Nan

As I grow older more of my friends loved ones are unfortunately passing away due to illness or old age. I was talking to a friend the other day that said she didn’t have any grandparents left and it made me realise how lucky I am to still have my grandmother. Although she has dementia she still remembers who I am and I want to make the most of that and make more memories with her. I have started to take more pictures when we are together so that I can put them in an album and show my kids in the future.

I am also very lucky to still have my mum and sometimes I do forget that. Although we don’t always see eye to eye I know that she loves me and would do anything for me. It’s hard being an only child sometimes but I need to remember all the things she did for me as a single parent. Recently my boyfriend stayed with my nan for a few hours so me and my mum could go shopping we had a great time and for a few hours it meant my mum didn’t have to worry about anything but herself. My plan is to do this more this year, even if it is just for a few hours. Like with my nan I want to take more pictures when we are together to remember the happy times and fun we had together.

Learn Sign Language

Now this is something I have wanted to do for years but have never got round to it. I learnt french, Spanish and Italian at school but can barely remember any of it now. The people who know me, will know I am a chatterbox and love talking to anyone that will listen. Sign language fascinates me as it allows deaf people to communicate without a single word being needed. I have started watching some videos on YouTube but plan to go along to a proper class. In the future I would like to offer my services as an interpreter for events, schools, hospitals etc.

Help others

I hope my friends would say I am a helpful and caring person but I have only really ever helped people I know. This year I would like to do some charity work that involves helping people personally. My Boyfriend has recently joined the Bearded Villains ( I will explain that in another post) which is a brotherhood that raises money for a variety of charities. My boyfriend last week did a homeless run with some of the guys from his charter which involved handing out items to the homeless including hats, gloves and scarfs. I was so proud of him when he came home and told me about it and how they actually spent time talking to the people. I would like to do something with the elderly for example going to visit old people who live in their own, providing them with company and someone to talk to. I want to make a difference to someone else’s life, even if it’s just one person.

Be more consistent with my blog

I started this blog over a year ago now and my aim was to put up at least one post every week, this did happen for a while but as the months went on I fell behind. This year I am going to designate time to writing blogs so that I have a few stored up ready to go. I really want to build up my followers this year and hopefully share some useful information. Please leave me comments on things you would like me to write about. I plan to to do an update on my hair journey soon and will keep you updated on my health journey.

This year is about making time for things that I want to do, to make me feel better whether it be learn something new or fit into a small size dress.  The only person that can make me better is me!

What are you plans for 2018? How are you going to improve yourself? Let me know in the comments. Happy New Year guys.


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