Going Sugar Free for Cancer Research

What I hope to achieve

  • Raise money for charity
  • Reset my taste buds
  • End my sugar addiction
  • Loose some weight
  • Increase energy levels

If you having been following my blog for a while you may already know that last year for Lent I cut down on sugar in an aim to lose some weight (you can read my post here). However this year I have decided to cut out sugar for 28 days in aid of Cancer Research ( if you would like to take part in this please click here). As I am sure many of you are aware Cancer Research is an amazing charity and when my friend sent me the link knowing that I wanted to lose some weight and that I am addicted to sugar I thought this was the perfect challenge.

I have been very luckily that none of my close family have suffered from this awful disease but I do know of friends who have either suffered themselves or family members who have, some of have been fortunate to get through it but others unfortunately haven’t. My boyfriend’s sister works on the Oncology ward at my local hospital and has told me how difficult it is watching others suffer and loosing patients that she has got to know.

Why is this the perfect challenge for me?

If you read my goals for this year (you can read them here) you would have read that one of them was to eat healthier and also get fitter. This particular challenge will help me with both as well as raising money for an amazing cause.  When I told my mum I was going to cut out sugar for a month she laughed as she knows how much of a sweet tooth I have. I recently spent most of Christmas munching on chocolate, sweets and biscuits. All my life I have had a sweet tooth at one point I was eating a chocolate bar a day, but at the time I did a lot of walking and it didn’t affect my weight. However now I drive more I have piled on the pounds due to lack of exercise and comfort eating.


My biggest challenge isn’t going to be chocolate and biscuits, but rather the hidden sugar that is in processed food. I have already started looking at labels and I am surprised how much sugar is in savory items. For example bread, most of it contains sugars to enhance the flavour and preserve it which I didn’t expect. The way round this is to avoid all processed foods and just eat fresh foods to ensure I don’t accidentally slip up. I currently drink all my hot drinks with sugar or sweetener apart from hot chocolate, so I have started to try to have fruit teas without sugar some are bearable but others taste bitter/bland to me. My friend advised me that it took about two weeks for her taste buds to get use to having hot drinks without sugar, so I am trying to persevere. I plan to have fruit as snacks rather than chocolate, sweets or biscuits which will be a shock for my body as I can go days without having any fruit.

If you have any tips or any sugar-free recipes please leave them in the comments. I will do another post at the start of March and let you know I got on.


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