Going Sugar Free for Cancer Research- Week Two

Hi guys, I am back with another update on how I am getting on with my sugar-free challenge (12 days left, not that I am counting).

Weight Loss


Although this challenge isn’t about losing weight more about re-setting my taste buds and kicking my sugar craving to the curb, I can’t say that I am not pleased that I have lost 3 pounds this week. So in total so far I have lost 5 pounds which is a great as it means I have now lost all the weight I put on over Christmas. As well as cutting out sugar I have also been trying to hit my 10,000 steps a day by walking to work everyday and attending at least one exercise class a week. Currently I am hooked on Clubbercise which is an aerobics class in the dark ( with a spotlight on the instructor) and glow sticks, the class is 45 mins long and boy do I sweat. The time goes so quickly as I am too busy enjoying the songs, just like Zumba its the songs that keep me going. The weight loss has shown me that sugar was affecting my weight and by cutting it out I have easily lost weight.

Hidden sugars


I am still shocked at how many things have hidden sugars in them, even though I have now been doing this for two weeks. I have become a label inspector checking everything I buy to ensure I don’t accidentally eat sugar. I am surprised at how many savoury products have sugar listed as one of the ingredients. From doing this challenge I can now see how easy it has been for me to go over my sugar allowance everyday even without eating chocolate. Once this challenege has finished I intend to continue checking labels and finding alternative products where possible.



A few people have asked if I have been having sweeteners or honey as a sugar alternative and the answer is no. As I trying to re-set my taste buds I am trying to eat as little sweet stuff as possible apart from berries which I have a handful a day off. I do have a chocolate spread made from fruit sugar which I have had about twice since I started the challenge. Once the challenge ends I will try sugar alternative’s where necessary in desserts but I hope that I won’t crave sweet stuff as much so I won’t need to add sweetness. I have already noticed a difference when drinking my normal tea with milk it no longer tastes as bitter as it once did when I would forget to put sugar in, every day it’s becoming a little bit more palatable. Herbal teas still taste a little weak without sugar but I think like the normal tea with time the taste will improve as my taste buds change.

Diet change = more variety


By not having sugar it means that I have been having more savoury items that I wouldn’t normally have like nuts and seeds. Like I said I have been having a handful of berries everyday which is not something I would normally do so my fruit intake has improved and hopefully the extra vitamins will do me some good. I have also been eating more salads with grilled chicken and homemade dressing as it is a quick meal to prepare and very tasty as I put spices on my chicken. I have also been eating more eggs especially for breakfast as I find this fills me up for longer, normally I would only have eggs at the weekend with a fry up. I have also been having greek yogurt with fruit and a bit of ground cinnamon which I find very yummy as I love cinnamon.

I picked up a sugar-free cooking book this week, so my plan for next week is to try out some new recipes that I will hopefully continue to use once the challenge is over. I am very proud of myself for lasting this long, it just shows that when I put my mind to it I can do it.

Here’s to a healthier me this year.


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